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TGP: Road Map

The Gearhead Project is a build thread.

We’re building more than a magazine, here.

Sure, it all starts with a digital magazine about amazing machines and their owners, but TGP is so much more. We want to help you build your own amazing machine—and an amazing life to go with it. We hope you’ll find new and interesting ideas in the original stories we share, and join us in the forum.

Our dream is a place where we can come together and help each other out in any way we can. It all starts with cars, but there are other things we can help each other with. We’re building our own little corner of the web where we can be real with each other and count on each other when the chips are down.

Here’s a look at what we’re building and where we are in the process. (You can help build it with us.)

TGP Community Forum
- select platform: Discourse
- design, implement, test basics
- build out initial content
- invite beta testers
- finalize features
- grand opening ◀︎ We are here.
TGP Magazine
- analyze needs
- design new layouts
- build new site to suit
- pre-flight checklist
- bug check
- import GBXM ◀︎ We are here.
The Gearhead Journal
- design the idea
- determine features
- interview featured guests
- build features ◀︎ We are here.
- finalize super issue
- offer print subscriptions
The Gearhead Institute
- analyze & design the model
- develop architecture & oversight
- implement proof of concept
- evaluate options ◀︎ We are here.
- build initial program offerings
- open to community members
The Gearhead Company
- GaaS: Gearheads as a Service
- develop tech & oversight
- evaluate options ◀︎ We are here.
- recruit product/service providers
- build initial offerings
- launch store
The Gearhead Fund
- develop tech & oversight
- raise capital
- evaluate gearhead startups
- invest in them
- help good people succeed
- make the world a better place.
ETA: TBD 2021

Thanks for stopping by.

We want a life that makes more sense and feels more like living, than getting by. If that sounds good to you…

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