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TGP Magazine

This is YOUR car magazine. Speak up and be heard!

TGP Magazine is written for next level gearheads looking for something more than the usual automotive content. The Gearhead Project is whatever project the gearhead is working on—but it’s also the gearhead AS the project. As such, we focus on stories of gearheads like us (like YOU), prioritizing the experiences and opinions of real, actual owners.

What’s inside?

Each month, TGP Magazine interviews owners of Amazing Machines to get a taste of what it’s really like owning vehicles we all love, but may never get to own or experience for ourselves. We also believe gearheads are more than mere enthusiasts, and we regularly dive deep into the pursuit of work-life harmony. Along the way, we have columns dedicated to JDM goodness and outdoor family adventures.


If you’ve ever wished you could have some say in the stories published in your favorite car magazine, you’ve come to the right place. We’re lean, hungry, and eager to serve our most engaged readers. Speak up and be heard! We’re listening

And if you really want to get involved, consider becoming a member. Annual membership gets you behind the scenes and a seat at the table. It’s a great way to support quality automotive journalism and get help with your own projects.