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It’s SO easy to find something interesting these days only to lose it once you’ve left the site. If you find something interesting here today, consider subscribing to the TGP Digest. Every Friday, we’ll send you a list of all the stories we published that week; sometimes a little something extra we won’t publish anywhere else, too. (It’ll stay just between us.)

We’re all getting buried in “urgent” messages from people who want us to buy something. And hey, we’d like you to buy something too—but our focus is on making a difference. Think of the TGP Digest as an email from your friends at The Gearhead Project. No spam. No junk. Just gearheads like you showing what we’ve done. You can even reply and discuss things with us.

What’s inside?

Each issue of the TGP Digest contains links to our latest articles. We generally publish 1-2, but sometimes as many as 3-4 stories in a week. You’ll get the featured image, an excerpt, and a link to read more. If you’re interested, click on through. If not, don’t worry about. We’re also going to start including the odd editorial or behind-the-scenes story with these. Consider it a little something special for our subscribers. 


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