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VehiCross Tag, anyone?

20 years later, the Isuzu VehiCross STILL looks like it's from the future. And man, oh, man—does it remind us how much we'd like one for ourselves.
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Hachi Roku delivers amazing racer dreams.

The Hachi Roku is one of the most famous cars to come out of the tuner scene in the early 90s. This one is outstanding in its class.
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FK8 CTR: Long live the king.

It might just be the spiritual successor to the entire Fast and Furious, sport compact scene.
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Cleveland’s RAD

DeLoreans, Vipers, and Stealths—OH MY!
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Middle-earth by Montero: Part 2

Why By Montero?...I wanted to put things to the test, to find them out: the Montero, myself, our family's abilities and limits. That Amelia Earhart saying "Adventure is worthwhile in itself"... yeah, let's test that too. Bet she didn't say that in an airplane with four kids in the back!
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TGP25 | Berry Lowman’s Motorama LIFE

The kind of gearhead you want to hang out with.
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