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Amazing Machines: Tricky Treats

Scary thought: We could be wrong about what is and is not an amazing machine. Gearheads come in all flavors. Check THESE out.
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Class of 1996 making a Splash

Making a Splash. For a hot minute, way, way back in 1995, this gearhead really wanted a mini truck. I came damn close to buying one, too. And I had
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C’mon, Mr. Pringlez, tell me why…

Playing with cars is more fun with friends.
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TGP28 | David Lovett II: Roadtrip Boogaloo

Driving into an unknown future...
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TGP24 | David Lovett: Small World, Small Cars, Big Life

We do ourselves a disservice. 
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TGP18 | Josh Bent is the bomb

Get this.
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