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Pandemic birthdays are weird.
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He just fell in love with E30s

There’s a simple difference between incompetently hacking up a perfectly good shell “because ‘racecar’” and confidently building a rough and tumble street machine that’s down for whatever. One’s a weak excuse for half-assery. The other’s an everyday Joe’s Skunkworks. When it comes to BMWs, the list of models we love is a mile long. From the 2002 and the 507 to the M1 and the Z1, there’s literally dozens of Bimers we’d like to learn more about—but where do you start? E30, naturally.
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TGP62 | Dean Fredrick Clark: Why don’t you just buy a Porsche?

Seriously—why not?
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Makua Pakalolo Vehicle

MPV means winning. Amazing amounts of winning.
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JPG: JeTT, Pebbles, & Goose

Quattro means more than "AWD".
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MX-5: More Funner First Car

Was your first car this sweet?
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