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Riders on the Storm

When my wife asked if we could go winter camping, I didn't stop to question...
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If loving you is wrong…

Building excitement. Consistently ranked one of the ugliest cars in the world, the Pontiac Aztek has a face only a mother could love. Or something like that. In fact, many
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TGP46 | Motoring Stupidity on a Global Scale

When can we go back?
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OODA Loops & Camping GPS

Exploring camp options
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Into the Fire

How far should you go to support a local event?
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Middle-earth by Montero: Part 7

The Pass of Caradhas...But this trip has served to teach us that answers aren't found in the asking, but in the the finding out. Want to know what we're capable of, what our family is made of, the limits of our abilities? Then let's go! Let's find them out. The world will not wait for us behind our hedgerow of excuses, nor will our children.
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