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The Gearhead Story Project

It’s not your typical podcast. These are YOUR stories.

TGP helps people build better cars, businesses, and lives. This is literally where we talk about what works, what doesn’t, and how what we know about cars applies to the rest of our lives. From conversations with gearheads who started their own businesses to those who just drive amazing machines, we’re curious to learn why you did that, how you did it, and what went wrong along the way.

TGP64 | Brad DeSantis: Viking Starion Funerals

It's up to you to save them.
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TGP63 | Bryon Dorr: Exploring Elements & Redefining Overlanding

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to quit your day job and live a life of adventure?
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TGP62 | Dean Fredrick Clark: Why don’t you just buy a Porsche?

Seriously—why not?
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TGP61 | Ojai 2U!

Look out. Podcast making moves.
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TGP60 | The Best Advice…

No guest this week. Let me know what you think?
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TGP59: In The Hot Seat

The power of a deadline
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TGP58 | James Lee: That New Car Smell

Want to drive a new car every week?
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TGP57 | The Cyber Singer

I did not sing Neil Diamond on this one.
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TGP56 | Tyson Hugie: Write It Down

This isn't your little sister's diary.
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TGP55 | Chase Maser lives for the work

A freelance writer talks about work on his own terms...
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