My name’s Brian. I started this thing and am effectively responsible for everything on this site in some way or another. And I want to go on the record as saying The Gearhead Project absolutely recognizes—and respects—women as equals.

I’ve got a daughter.

It makes me furious to think she’s growing up in a world that still—still—can’t seem to get its collective shit together and treat women as equals.

Every news report showing women earning less than their male counterparts, every disgusting bastard who has no problem with Viagra being covered by insurance—but not birth control, every mouth-breathing jackass downplaying the #metoo movement—they’re all reminders humanity has a long way to go.

It makes me sick.

I want my daughter to grow up strong and confident.

I don’t want to be the dad cleaning his gun when the boys (or girls) start coming over—unless she wants me to. I just want to remind those kids she will close the gap and funcking end them if they try anything—and I’ve got her back.

You might say I’m a ride-or-die dad.

In writing as much as I do, there are often times I need a singular pronoun and “gearhead” just won’t work. Wherever possible, I try mixing things up to be as inclusive as possible. I’ll talk about how he loves Mitsubishis in this paragraph, then her approach to making them faster in the next. Or vice versa.


We probably agree most gearheads are male but—

That patriarchy shit don’t fly here at TGP.

If you see me say something that might suggest I think it does—such as when I say something like, “TGP is for guys like this”, I’m just trying to err on the side of not distracting the majority of the audience from something important by forcing a s/he- or he/she-type thing.

“Guys like this” means girls too. And I hope this page makes that crystal clear.

The best way I can show my little girl she can grow up to be anything she wants is by showing them you did.

If you’ve got a story to tell, I hope you’ll get in touch and share it with us.


Brian Driggs, Founder