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TGP: Our Values

Est. 2007. It all starts here.

Our hope is that these principles will come to mind when we need them most, helping us to make more good decisions than bad.

A difference: the only thing worth making.

We live in a world where anyone can make anything. We want to make stuff that matters, that people truly care about and believe in. That means we have to make a difference.

We care about the community we serve, and we work to make a difference in their lives.

True success: help others achieve success.

We want to help our subscribers and partners get where they’re going.

We believe the best way to raise the bar is by building up the foundation. The more people we help succeed, the more successful they will help us become.

Work-life harmony > work-life balance.

We all want to feel good about what we do for a living. We all want it to matter to us more than a paycheck. But, the majority of us still need a paycheck.

So, we focus on the types of work that not only help us to pay our bills, but also to pay it forward – helping our families and communities – as we go.