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Join the TGP Forum!

Wanna get away from the noise?
Looking for a place that puts YOU first?

We got tired of all the drama on social media—so we built our own, private community. And we set 3 simple rules to protect it.

  1. No assholes. 
  2. No religion/politics.
  3. Make it time well-spent.

Everyone here is cool. 

Everyone. Ask the stupid question. Share the secret concern. We got your back. We ARE our brothers’ keepers. Remember, we’re the products the big social media platforms are selling. They collect our data. They use it against us. They’ve turned our once vibrant web into a commoditized echo chamber of suck.

  • TGP collects no such data.
  • TGP is 100% commercial-free.
  • We’re here to serve our MEMBERS.

If you got a problem, yo! Let’s solve it. That’s our jam. You speak. We listen. That’s what friends are for.

YOUR success is OUR success.

$50/year for a FORUM membership might sound crazy—especially these days. But that’s less than $5/month for a private community where YOU are the customer and YOU come first. What does that look like? Here’s a few ideas to get you thinking.
  • Active members get moderator powers AUTOMATICALLY.
  • If you’re here and you care, you can make a DIFFERENCE.
  • And, as TGP grows—who do you think we’ll be hiring?

Life is a build thread. We’re building something special for gearheads like YOU. Let’s build it together!

Thanks for stopping by.

We want a life that makes more sense and feels more like living, than getting by. If that sounds good to you…

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