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JDM Journeys

Phil Hansford has owned a LOT of RHD, JDM vehicles. More than we can keep track of, anyway. This is where he shares his JDM Journeys with us.

Diamonds are Forever

It may no longer be in my garage, but the Pajero Evolution will remain in my heart as one of the great ones. I enjoyed it thoroughly for almost five
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Adventures in Trailering (Part 3)

A JDM Journey where we actually drive the JDMs.
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Installing a Snorkel

Is it the ultimate expression of commitment?
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Adventures in Trailering – Part 2

The Small But Mighty "M101CDN2"!
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Adventures in… TRAILERING? (Part 1)

A good project often starts with an adventure in the acquisition. Is Across Canada TOO far?
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Lift Kits That Aren’t Lift Kits

Global Pandemics -> Idle Hands?

Suddenly... here we are with too much time on our hands. And I've gone and done it. A "spacer lift" from Daystar. Not even a true lift. Just a boyracer-bandaid-bolt-on. Why, after all these years, do I suddenly need a "lift kit"? Have I turned into a Toyota wannabe?
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