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17 Mitsubishis in 24 years — Our resident JDM expert. ALL HAIL THE PAJERO EVOLUTION.

Back to the Future II – Bring it home

Expect the unexpected, prepare for every eventuality, and assume everything is suspect.
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A JDM Journey Back – to the Future? (Part 1)

Sometimes you gotta go back, to move forward.
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So – You Think You Want a Land Cruiser?

Are you ready to pony up?
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Why Toyota? (Brand Allegiance 2)

If we were shopping for an SUV that could tow more, and wanted to continue being ensconced in Japanese reliability, this seemed like a reasonable choice, but...
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Brand Allegiance?

Or Loyal to a Fault?
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JDM Pipe Dreams? (Part 1)

If you live in Canada, despite our Liberal government, no pipe is necessary. Just ask our friend AJ!
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