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Resident Middle-earth adventure guide. CHECK ENGINE LIGHT? CHOOSE JOY.

And Project Begat Project Junior: Part 4a

Finding more with less in the fourth dimension.
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And Project Begat Project Junior: Part 3

Acceptable Levels of Disrepair: a series of extremely technical, complicated, and sophisticated concepts designed and deployed to provide self-sufficient ... well, excuses.
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And Project Begat Project Junior: Part 2

Grand gearhead insights as learned in the school of annoying, uncomfortable, cold, dark, lonely, and other sundry such knocks ... aka, the hard way. “Do you see a man who is wise in his own eyes? There is more hope for a fool than for him.”
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And Project Begat Project Junior: Part 1

At the end of the day, what am I actually working on here? Working on cars while working on life, one (or ten) projects at a time.
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WaTaBi Montero Guy’s Build Journey

Did you know these cars won some kind of desert race in one of Jackie Chan's movies? Amazing, I know.
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Middle-earth by Montero: Part 7

The Pass of Caradhas...But this trip has served to teach us that answers aren't found in the asking, but in the the finding out. Want to know what we're capable of, what our family is made of, the limits of our abilities? Then let's go! Let's find them out. The world will not wait for us behind our hedgerow of excuses, nor will our children.
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