I’m right where I should be.

[ 51 ] The tides of life all led me here and that’s why I’m not scared. I know the answer will appear. Because I’ve merged my intentions with the Universe like Finn did in The Comet. But damn, talk about a leap of faith.

I just sold my house.
I have to buy a new one.
1,000 miles away; sight unseen.
Within 30 days to get keys in time.

I mean, that’s a lot, right? This is my first time selling a house, so it’s all new to me, but wow. The realities of making those big dreams come true can leave you more or less shell-shocked. The good news—the really good news—is that there’s officially money in the bank as of about an hour ago. Like, life-changing money.

I just found out I can’t take my job with me.
They’re making a contractor role for me anyway.
I have no idea what I’ll be doing or making in July.
But I’m fortunate I can trust my employer completely.

I may never know the details behind why I had so much executive buy-in for taking my job with me, but was denied the transfer by Corporate. In the end, I learned I wasn’t going when Corporate rescinded a signed offer letter to a new hire in Iowa about a week ago. I’m chalking it up more to Iowa being run by the same kind of people who run Kansas and Arizona. You know, assholes.

Tomorrow morning, I leave for the Grand Canyon.
I’ll be camping at Whitmore Point on the North Rim.
I’m spending some quality time alone with pure Arizona.
But first, I have a 90-minute massage and float scheduled.

Soos and Dipper in the bottomless pit on Gravity Falls.

Selling your house and moving across the country is a big deal any way you slice it. So is changing jobs—even in a good job market like this one. Combined with getting Fezzik buttoned up and ready for a long weekend in some of the most remote territory left in the continental United States, it’s like I took a leap of faith back in January—and am still in the air between ledges.

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