After switching my setups many times in the last few years, nostalgia led me to one of my long time dream rigs: the 70 Series Land Cruiser (Project Adventure). But it also meant selling another dream (see “Diamonds are forever“).


And while the Prado 90 (pictured above) is a great rig, the old and simple HZJ77 project began as a method to keep sane during the madness that was 2020. But as lockdowns and travel bans dragged into 2021 and then 2022, I began to wonder. Beyond having something to work on, what was the point of a vehicle that’s equipped to travel the world, if it was just going to sit in the garage?

So the trailer and rooftop tent were sold on to some friends, the Prado went back to daily driver duties, where it excels as my commuter on backroads in snow storms, and Project Adventure was refocussed.

Finally, in the spring of 2022, things are looking up. Big Bird and I have decided that the Washington BDR to the PNW Overland Expo (external link) would be a worthy way to get back on the road again, in post-pandemic North America. So this summer the plan is to take as many back roads as we can through Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Washington, and Oregon, until we reach the Pacific Northwest Overland Expo.

With a destination in mind, and an evolving route plan, the work can (re)start. We have maintenance plans, some new mods, and motivation to get moving. There might even be some shakedown shenanigans. Along the way I’ll highlight my enhanced electrical system, some storage ideas, and maybe even a water system?

Because a new JDM Journey is long overdue and having a destination in mind gets it started.

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