Valhalla awaits.

When is it appropriate to scrap a vehicle? When is it okay to just give up?

Most of us hate the thought of wealthy collectors scooping up automotive history and sealing it away in private, climate controlled collections that only see the light of day come auction time. High performance machines imprisoned under lock and key, seldom—if ever—being used anywhere remotely close to what they were designed to do. Kept from the rest of us.

And yet, were it not for those collectors, it’s safe to say the bulk of automotive history would be lost forever, as storied machines disintegrated alongside their shrinking resale values. Once fine machines left to rot in the hands of bottom feeding hacks. So they’re preserved for the rest of us.

In this episode, Brad DeSantis and I explore the intersection of save vs. scrap. Because it’s different for everyone. You might not give a shit about a mint condition, single-owner Mitsubishi Starion being hacked up for LeMons racing—Brad and I, being Mitsubishi guys, would, though.

That said, where I would be perfectly happy if the Chevy Cavalier vanished from the surface of the Earth forever—Brad would disagree, because every car has a place in the automotive history books. And isn’t it a shame when some machines end up just that—memories in history books.

Which vehicles do YOU care enough about to want to save?

Note: The audio may not reflect the correct episode number or link. Brian lost count of episodes so we had to re-number them. 

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