You put on a brave face. You tell yourself, “Whatever. I’ll think about it later.” But you can’t stop thinking about it. All the talk of being in the here-and-now—this shit IS the here-and-now.

Some things you just can’t escape.

Wherever you go, everyone else seems oblivious; completely self-absorbed.

You can’t remember what that feels like, what it was like before this shit pulled you into a world of fear and worry and anxiety.

You catch yourself, though, it’s likely some of these people are simply putting on a brave face and being in the here-and-now. If not, there’s a good chance someone in there has been touched by cancer, too.

You notice your own empathy and how this has made you a better person.

Not that that brings you much comfort.

There’s always a reminder, always some little, trivial thing that comes along, reminding you. What you eat matters. What you drink. Are you getting enough exercise? Are you getting enough sleep?

There’s a pill for this. A pill for that. There’s so many effing pills.

Everything is hard or a chore or completely irrelevant.

Regret. Fear. Sadness. And yet, there’s hope?

Some days are better than others.

We have to learn from the past.

We have to prepare for the future.

We have to live in the moment.

You are my hero.

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