Keeping up with these daily posts matters. It’s important to me—but how important? Committing to a daily writing practice adds up in the long run, but what’s the ultimate goal, here?

Sharing Brian’s novel observations on life, the universe, and everything—or helping gearheads build better lives? The two are connected on several levels.

Honoring our commitments is ridiculously important—especially to those we make to bettering ourselves. Diet, exercise, liquidity. Practice makes perfect (or gets us as close as we can get).

Putting our true selves out there is just as important—especially since it can bring the right kind of people into our lives. The things we have in common help us realize the potential in our differences.

It’s not hard to connect the dots between these daily updates and vanity. Sure. And maybe on some level that’s part of the equation, but really I’ve got three reasons for doing so.

  1. to show we have more in common than playing with cars
  2. to explain why and how we’re doing what we’re doing
  3. to demonstrate my commitment to doing the work

Not gonna lie. It would be amazing to be somewhat famous and spend all kinds of time playing cars with all the biggest names in the business. It would be amazing to be known as “the guy who helps gearheads build better lives”. It would be incredible to have that kind of legacy.

But that kind of legacy, at least in my book, comes from delivering results that funking matter.

These dailies demonstrate my commitment to keeping it real and showing gearheads like us that there are gearheads LIKE US out there, we want more from life, and we’re coming together to help each other make it happen.

So it makes me crazy when I miss a day or two or three because my work-life parallel got a bit jammed up. Suffice to say, I’ve been up hustling my ass off this week. Good things are coming.

I’m struggling with the audio files on the next two podcast episodes, but the two after that are solid—and there’s a lot more where they came from.

Remember WHY you’re doing what you’re doing. Let that determine HOW you spend your time (and energy). WHAT you need to prioritize will become clear.


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  1. Priorities & procrastination…
    Concentration & consternation…
    … the struggles are real.
    Thank you, for the reminder.

    • Thanks for confirming I’m not crazy!

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