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From The-More-Things-Change-The-More-They-Stay-The-Same Department comes this friendly reminder of Fast-Right-Cheap, how we can only pick two—and how often big businesses focus on fast and cheap in the name of efficiency and short-term profits.

It’s also yet another reminder that, if you’re in a transactional, task-centric job field, where a machine could be programmed to do your job faster or more accurately—or where some poor bastard in a developing country could do it for less than they’re paying you—you should probably be building a lifeboat now.

Fortunately, as a gearhead like us, you’ve already got a head start on everyone else. You know how to assimilate new information into your toolbox and come up with whole lists of possible solutions to automotive problems.

If you can troubleshoot a no-start condition on a Ford Ranger, you can figure out fresh new ways your company can deliver value to customers and coworkers alike. It’s all in believing you can enough to explore those ideas.

Star Wars Speeder

Okay, so this is pretty incredible.

For the record, I struggle with watching all the things I see people talking about online. Why? That’s a story for another time. For now, let’s just say I find video slows me down and I don’t like waiting for them to get to the point.

(Ironic, isn’t it?)

In any case, the only thing I know about this Colin Furz dude—aside from his apparently being British and completely mad—is that, once upon a time, I watched a video he did where he had to truckloads of fireworks firing thousands of rockets at each other.

I thought he was just some bombastic internet celebrity who does a decent job of product placement for lazy marketers. Until I saw this video. Which features an inordinate amount of fabrication across a wide range of skillsets—and this dude does it all.

Just watch this.


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