Lost in them.

Man, I have missed writing. I stopped doing these dailies at the end of 2018 because I thought I needed to spend more time focused on deeper dives into things that directly support the guys I’m helping on the backchannel.

I thought wrong.

While I’m building something meaningful around helping gearheads like us modify their lives and escape the rat race—it ain’t gonna happen if I just drop some 2,000-word rant about how scheduling social media posts is bullshit every once in a while.

This is scary.

But it’s real. I can’t tell others to strike out and chase their dreams while I hold my cards close because I’m scared some better positioned, better financed, better looking dude will see my idea and leave me in the dust looking like some kind of poseur wannabe.

I gotta lead by example.

This is my build thread. I’m gonna start treating it like one.

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