Get ready.

I recorded 31 episodes of the podcast last year. That’s a little over 2.5 episodes a month.

Through March of this year, I recorded only two episodes, so less than 1.0 per month, average.

And then I recorded 12 episodes in April.

I drove two-plus hours down to Tucson to meet Tim and Kelsey Hüber. Before I did, though, I was out in the garage at 6AM to record a conversation with Andrew Pascarella and Brad DeSantis outside Boston.

I drove back down to Tucson to sit with Dave Hymers. And then I drove 90 minutes north to Prescott to talk to Chazz Layne—but not until after another 6AM conversation with Kevin Roy in Florida.

In between, I stayed up late talking to gearheads like us across the country about the search for something more and how playing cars with our friends either changed our lives or gives us the power to change them further.

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

Get ready. The Super Issue Conversations are coming.


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