…change everything.

Doesn’t matter how tired you are. Doesn’t matter how you feel. Doesn’t matter you’ve been sick for two solid weeks, have been falling into bed at 9PM, and every inch of your body is conditioned to continue this trend, leveraging every excuse in the book in pursuit of sleep.

The right people are chicken soup for the soul. They are a breath of fresh air on the glowing embers of the day. The fire in your belly returns, as great draughts of time and space are are consumed with abandon.

The path hidden in the shadows of the status quo is fully illuminated. The right people get it. The right people feed the fire that lights the way.

Yes, there be dragons. And obstacles, and pitfalls, and all manner of treachery—but you are on the right path. And you are surrounded by the right people.

You shall prevail.

PS: Andy & Mercedes are in.

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