More than a feeling…

Now that I’ve shared what this build thread is all about, let’s reverse engineer it a bit, starting with some high level assumptions.

The Prime Directive

The Gearhead Project helps gearheads like us build high performance machines and lives.

We’re all building something. TGP is where we take what we’ve learned from years of “playing” with cars and use it to do something more. It’s where we build on our common ground as individuals who aren’t afraid to pick up a wrench and spend the weekend cursing up a storm under the hood in the pursuit of bigger, better, faster, more.

We’re building TGP Volume 1.

But that’s just the public face of TGP. Behind it, we need a place where we can connect like we used to do in the forum days. Could be a forum. Could be a Slack channel.

We need a way to make each life lesson scalable so that any gearheads like us willing to invest in building a high performance life can quickly learn them at their own pace. Could be an LMS. Could be a wiki.

Most importantly, though, we need a culture of legit guys and gals who care enough about this stuff to hold each other accountable. Could be a club. Could be a secret society.

It’s all got to feel just right, though.

This is a labor of love being built with long term profitability in mind. Profit follows purpose, and purpose comes with feeling.

How should TGP feel?

  • It’s got to feel good.
  • We’ve got to want to be active here.
  • We’ve got to help each other when we’re down.
  • We’ve got to get together on a regular schedule.
  • We should get together in real life when possible.
  • We need to hold each other accountable.
  • We should document our knowledge.
  • We should share it with each other.
  • We should make a difference.
  • We should sell it to outsiders.
  • We should share the profits.

If you build it, they will come.

Man, I’ve already got the tech stack. From the membership site software that lets us lock down private, members only stuff, to the learning management system that lets us make professional how-to courses, to a basic forum, Slack channel, and wiki.

We could do it all right now.

But before we build anything, I really need a core group of next level gearheads who get what I’m laying down right now, want something like this in their lives, and are willing to show up and help me build it right.

If that’s you or somebody you know, please get in touch.

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  1. Who doesn’t want a Secret Society? Ya gotta have a decoder ring, though.

    • I’ve seen enough Captain Underpants to have reasonable doubts about that. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, after all.


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