Create a place where those who do their homework are rewarded with overwhelming generosity in support of their goals, where those who haven’t receive the benefit of the doubt and guidance through the discovery process, and everyone feels their contributions truly make a difference on a daily basis.

I’ve heard it said, “You lose if you talk about it.” See also; the first rule of Fight Club.

But this is not Fight Club. This is The Gearhead Project.

I came up with this description talking about the intersection of content and community with Chris Raymond from DSMtuners (see also: Episode 16). It’s good to talk about things with those with enough experience to appreciate nuance. Some people get it.

The internet is about to undergo another massive change.

Something wonderful is going to happen.

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  1. Having heard some snippets from you about the direction of this, mate, looking forward to it taking fuller shape. To the future.

    • Your thoughts on Life Through a Dram have definitely help shape these plans, mate. Cheers.

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