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Which Commute is Best Commute?

HT: Geoffrey Colon

According to new, 2018 data from the US Census Bureau, 1-in-20 Americans now works from home. 3-out-of-4, though, still drive alone, though. And if we were stereotyping things in a check of privilege, we might say that most remoties are old, white bankers.

We’re not saying that, though.

Do we really need to be in the office? For some jobs, that’s probably the case—at least until self-checkout technology makes its way to repetitive, administrative tasks beyond the cash register—but who knows, really.

One thing’s for sure, it’s gonna be interesting seeing how increasingly insular, western society is going to adapt to being able to avoid everyone by hiding behind a firewall.

Replace photography with cars.

The exact words. Like, every time you hear these guys mention “photography”, you want to think “cars”. Make sense?

You should really check out this episode of The James Altucher Show, where James sits down with Chase Jarvis to talk about creativity, where it comes from, where it goes, and what we can do with it when we decide we want better lives.

Chase Jarvis founded Creative Live. He also built the first iPhone photo app that let people apply filters and share pictures. You could say he knows a thing or two about being creative and doing something more with the skills you have.

And maybe “community” with “forum”?

Agency is your capacity to act independently and to make your own free choices—about your friggin’ life, man. This podcast is a conversation about how we recognize when we’ve mastered something (cars) and how we take our DIY mindset above and beyond.

Choose joy.

Record The Journey!

What do you get when you combine a disabled veteran, the all-female Rebelle Rally, a new Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, and a little love from legendary North American Mitsubishi performance powerhouse, Road Race Engineering? You get a rally team called Record the Journey.

These are a few of our favorite things!

The Mitsubishi community at-large is conflicted by the Eclipse Cross. It’s sporty, but not spicy like the first and second generation Eclipse. It’s practical, with better-than-AWD S-AWC, but not burly like the not-seen-since-2006 Montero. Homage aside, it fills neither its sporting or off-road predecessors’ shoes.

The Eclipse Cross needs its own identity.

The Eclipse and Montero were fine automobiles right off the lot, but it wasn’t until owners starting doing things with them that they earned the reputations they have today. So seeing the little crossover in MMC factory-inspired rally livery, with meaty BFGs and MaxTrax, spinning its way out of sand dunes with a bit of help from legit Mitsubishi rally OGs is a welcome sight.

Add to that it’s all in the name of inspiring and empowering women AND people with disabilities and it’s clear we’re on the right path. #ichimaiiwa

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