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Can you say DENDO?

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Natural disasters can take out much of the infrastructure we take for granted. Power outages, fuel shortages, and poor road conditions make immediate recovery efforts difficult.

We hadn’t thought about how a plugin hybrid like the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV might be the perfect vehicle in many of these situations. It can act as a house battery, powering critical devices in the home—refrigeration of food and medical supplies, communications equipment, and lights, for example.

Sure, there’s no escaping fuel and electric demands to consider—and it’s probably not crawling over felled trees or crawling through washed-out roads—but combine the above with a sophisticated, S-AWC 4-wheel drive system, and you’ve got a very solid vehicle for the job.

Which makes it really neat to see Mitsubishi partnering with local governments to ensure delivery of Outlander PHEVs to communities to help speed the disaster recovery process. #ichimaiiwa

The Honeymoon is Over

Remember Scarlet from a few weeks back? She and her husband committed to buying their dream boat, budgeted and saved for a few years to make it happen, and then actually made it happen? Well it would seem they’ve bought themselves a hell of a project vehicle.

“I think the most surprising part of this has been how fast, and how FAR the fall is once you realize your dream. I was hoping to have at least a little honeymoon period to enjoy how far we’ve come… But… nope. So, to those still following along in my story… even when you’ve done all your homework… and prepared fully for ownership… you will still be completely shocked at how much can go wrong so fast…

The journey may very well be the destination—but that doesn’t mean it’s always Happy Fun Time. Fortunately, Scarlet prepared for this sort of thing and believes it’s all worth the investments of time, money, and sweat equity to make the dream come true in the end.

And she’s got a nice forum where she can vent and tap the experience of the sailing community at-large.

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