You’ve no doubt heard of, if not experienced, the polar vortex that has gripped North America for weeks.

In Alberta we’ve been lucky thus far to avoid the temperature extremes because of the Rocky Mountains and the warming Chinook winds that result.

Last week things started trending back to normal. Actually, we went right past normal, and yesterday we had our coldest day so far this year, with the mercury dipping to -33°C (-27°F). Both my wife’s Pajero diesel AND my own (short wheelbase version) popped CEL’S (check engine lights) on our respective drives to work.

It got me thinking…

I’ve got three rare vehicles in my garage. I personally don’t know of ANYBODY in this country except myself that has ever worked on the 4M41DiD diesel, and only one other who’s worked on the MIVEC V6 3.5L (With the exception of my go-to buddy Wade).

This speaks to three possibilities:

My unshakeable confidence in the marque?

My pure pig-headedness in figuring things out on my own?

OR (most likely) my level of delusion in thinking this is a perfectly fine arrangement.

Not one for taking my own advice, I made a mountain out of a molehill, while the problem turned out to be pretty simple, if not extremely coincidental. I began by pulling the diagnostic codes, which left me with even more questions. It turns out that extreme cold temps, combined with 20 year old rubber hoses and shrinking metal barbs and fittings conspired to have me second-guessing my exotic tastes. But only temporarily. Once I actually looked under the hood, I realized that BOTH vehicles (almost simultaneously) had popped a hose off their MAP sensors (pretty sure there is a lesson in there somewhere about exceeding ABSOLUTE MANIFOLD PRESSURE?).

Suddenly I am JDM legend, since I easily “fixed” my wife’s truck as soon as she got home.

Unshakeable confidence and pigheadedness are likely responsible for my delusions, but I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy about my collection of JDMs once again…

Right up until the moment I venture outside…

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