A thin line.

Second chances don’t come around often. At least, not for the really important stuff.

So when you DO get a second chance, do everything you can to take advantage of it.

We humans are wired funny. We spend all kinds of time regretting things in the past that we can’t change. We spend more time worrying about shit in the future that hasn’t—and may never—even happen. In between, we miss out on what’s most important.

Right here. Right now.

Your mistakes in the past don’t matter.

If you reflect on your failures and learn something, you are better for them. I even heard a CEO recently say his company doesn’t let anyone handle million-dollar accounts until they’ve screwed up and lost a million-dollar account.

Failure IS an option. But then what?

I’ll let you in on a secret. This little gem has got me through some very dark times.

The worse it gets today—the better the story I can tell tomorrow.

When you’re at the bottom of a royal dumpster fire, this might not seem like much—but I assure you it means everything.

Someday, you’re going to be miles from here; in a better place. And this situation is going to come up in conversation. On that day—one of many, you can count on that—you’re going to get to tell others what you went through. You’re going to tell your story.

Tell it well.

The hell you endured was the fire that forged you into steel. The grind of digging out sharpened your edge. Others will learn from your experience. Some will be inspired. You could even be a hero to someone going through a similar situation one day.

There’s a thin line between regret and fear. That’s where love resides.

That’s where life happens.

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