TGP PSA: Most overlanders—aren’t.

For every would-be Instagram “influencer” out there desperately trying to hype and spin their way to being the next Expedition Overland (without years of focused craftsmanship), there’s probably 10 actually exploring the world by car. Everything else is just camping and vanity.

In this episode Brian talks to Robert & Gayla Scrivener, a couple legit overlanders he met at Overland Expo West 2019, and whose podcast is as sweet and buttery smooth as their approach to overlanding itself. They call it Been There Doing That.

Meet Robert & Gayla Scrivener

It ain’t hard to get caught up in the hype that’s become the overlanding scene. At their core, vehicles represent personal freedom—and it don’t get much more free than exploring the world. Combine that with clever gear, modified vehicles, and a general sense of escapism and you’ve got a heck of a recipe for adventure—or malaise.

Robert and Gayla rented out their house, moved into an Alfa See Ya RV, and hooked a lightly modified Jeep TJ to the rear bumper. They go where the breeze—and the work—takes them, exploring the United States along the way.

If you feel like you need all the name brand kit to explore the world, or feel like there’s no way you could make enough money to get by even if you did manage to get away, you should probably check this one out. These two very lovely people have been there and are doing just that.

Discussed in this episode:

  • using an RV as base camp for Jeep-based adventures
  • funding those adventures with a web-based business
  • aligning adventures to business & family needs
  • overlanding content is just pimping product
  • the pursuit of a simpler, meaningful life
  • the stories we tell ourselves

Choose your own adventure. Commit to a date. Go there. Do that.

Note: The audio may not reflect the correct episode number or link. Brian lost count of episodes so we had to re-number them. 


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