Before the wife & kid wake up

It can be tricky finding time for a side hustle. The few hours between commuting and sleep quickly fill with responsibility. And it’s particularly challenging for parents. Children can’t really appreciate Mommy or Daddy working all the time makes their lives better. They just want to play!

So what’s a gearhead to do? I tend to push my efforts back until late at night, “after the wife and kid went to bed”. Not surprisingly, this play also works for morning people like Kevin Roy, who tells me he favors first thing in the morning—before the wife and kids get up.

Family First

Kevin’s the consummate family man. His story is exciting because he’s clearly handled all the excuses most of us know all too well. He keeps his vehicles immaculately maintained. He isn’t interested in starting a business, but he makes money on the side. And he puts his family first.

Kevin balances old school responsibility and progressive practicality in ways I can’t help but admire. I wouldn’t want to embarrass him by suggesting he’s perfected the art of gearhead fatherhood, but he’s one of the quiet ones you should be watching—because he’s walking the walk.

Note: The audio may not reflect the correct episode number or link. Brian lost count of episodes so we had to re-number them. 

The Stats

  • Background: long time gearhead
  • Venture: selling vintage JDM parts
  • Full-time, side hustle, hybrid, other: side-hustle
  • Hours: a few a week

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