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Do you even overland, bro? How much time and money have you spent accumulating experiences versus just accumulating gear that looks good on Instagram? DO YOU BOYS LIKE MEXEECO?

Overlanding speaks to us all differently. Some love the automotive tech and hardware. Others thirst for adventure and travel and experiencing new cultures. There’s even a few out there who just want a minimalist lifestyle where everything they own sparks joy.

Overlanding takes all kinds.

Tim and Kelsey Hüber are my favorite kind, though. Do they have a cool truck, gear, and a thirst for adventure? Absolutely. But if we spend a couple minutes—or a couple hours, in the case of this epic episode—in the spaces between the all too common promotional aspects of our daily lives, we quickly discover all we really need is a little fuel in the tank, a tire plug kit, and a good attitude.


Fair warning: this one’s likely to put some crazy ideas in your head. And I’d been looking forward to meeting Tim so long I might have forgotten to record the usual introduction, so just in case, recorded live on a Tucson patio on one of the few days a year these two are actually in the country, this is The Gearhead Project.

We’re gonna need more LEDs.

The Stats

  • Background: 10+ years of adventure travel & training
  • Venture: dirtsunrise – the trip of a life
  • Full-time, side hustle, hybrid, other: reverse side hustle
  • Hours: sunrise-to-sunset, full-time, months-at-a-time

Follow Tim & Kelsey at Dirt Sunrise. https://dirtsunrise.com
@dirtsunrise https://www.instagram.com/dirtsunrise/
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  1. […] most important mod is always the driver mod. You wanna go overlanding? Take Tim and Kelsey’s (and so many others’) advice—pick a date and go. You’re smart enough. You can do it. […]

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