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As 2019 comes to a close, we’ve been asking gearheads like us how their 2019s went and what they’re looking forward to in 2020. Where all the other automotive outlets start announcing their cars of the year (#COTY), we’re more interested in the stories and accomplishments our friends and members care about most.

We call it Care of the Year.

Kevin Roy, the quiet, family man, has been getting big things done this year.


What’s the most important gearhead story of 2019?

For me… it was the “Knowing when to defer” because it really was something I truly could relate especially this year. This year was a growth year for me and it provided me a lot of challenges. I typically like to tackle and taking things on my own and not really ask for help, mostly because I was raised that way in a sense. I am grateful that I don’t want to rely on someone else, but this year I really had to learn to really trust other people to help me do things that I couldn’t handle whether it was because I already had too many responsibilities and needed to delegate my less important tasks to the next person that was qualified but also there are things I just couldn’t do myself without help.

What feels like YOUR biggest accomplishment of 2019?

My biggest accomplishment of 2019 is getting a little over half a million dollar project at work to get approved and get built as we speak. This was an idea that has been shot down multiple times prior to arrival at my employment. Many people shot down the idea and said it would never happen and it was pointless, even during the process to present the idea to the board that would eventually need to approve this project..many people wanted it to fail. I worked hard to make a presentation that covered all bases from the current scope of things and the future scope and all the benefits of what I was proposing to have built. The day it was made final and approved by the commissioners of my local government to build it was an amazing day.

What’s something important you learned this year?

Learning how to trust the right people. I have always had a issue trusting other people because of past experiences trusting the “wrong” people and also that my standard… couldn’t be met by other people. I learned this year to observe and evaluate certain people that align to my values and standards and even though they align, I also need to accept that it won’t be exactly mine. This has helped me greatly at my career as I progress to a higher position with more responsibilities and having to manage multiple individuals.


What’s your most important goal for 2020?

To take big strides to purchasing a home with a decent amount of land.

What’s it gonna take to achieve it?

Make some restructures in our current finances and eliminate some of our debt

How can we help?

Buy me a few lottery tickets.

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