As 2019 comes to a close, we’ve been asking gearheads like us how their 2019s went and what they’re looking forward to in 2020. Where all the other automotive outlets start announcing their cars of the year (#COTY), we’re more interested in the stories and accomplishments our friends and members care about most.

We call it Care of the Year.

Tim and Kelsey have decided they’re not going back to the office. This is huge.


What’s the most important gearhead story of 2019?

The Reverse Engineering daily hit us the most. Short, but an important way to look at our new life that we’ve embraced.

What feels like YOUR biggest accomplishment of 2019?

Committing to really giving this life and a “new” life in general a go. We have no plans to go back to a normal life and that’s exciting and terrifying.

What’s something important you learned this year?

That you can’t try and be or make what you think the market wants and be happy. You have to do what you like and in the end hope that there are others who will agree. It’s a path to slower and more grueling success, but at least it’s unique.


What’s your most important goal for 2020?

Find a way to keep a life of adventure going. Open new doors and be confident enough to put yourself out there. Believing that you have the knowledge and ability to do more and be more by creating more business opportunities will hopefully make it possible to live the life we want.

What’s it gonna take to achieve it?

Many hours of work, but not just the kind for someone else. Also, working for ourselves much more.

How can we help?

You already are.

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