Two weeks.

I spent the last two weeks working from home after V’s surgery. It’s strange how much the world changes in that kind of time—and how you see things that didn’t change with fresh eyes.

Everything is different, but the same. Things are more moderner than before; bigger, and yet smaller. It’s computers. SAN DIMAS HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL RULES!

I digress.

The podcast with Brené Brown picked up right where I’d left off, pulling into the driveway after my last day at the office. The front right brake pad still squeals when I’m not braking round right turns. I still need to get things fixed to get the insurance money after the Camry Incident. I still need to build my small claims case to address the Accord Incident.

I’d come to enjoy the additional productivity that came from checking work emails and answering customer support tickets two-plus hours before I’d ordinarily be in the office. Not having time to do that because I need to get the kid and I out the door felt uncomfortable.

Despite our best efforts to leave at “the usual time”, P and I were 20 minutes late leaving the house. And yet, I still got to the office on-time. Traffic wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible, either. A few of my 40 minutes were even spent driving on freshly re-paved tarmac—badly needed these days.

It felt really good to be back in the office; to see my work friends again. Though we stayed in relatively close contact these past two weeks, it’s still better to see people in person, ya know?

And yet, I miss V.

I miss chatting with her between calls, eating lunch together, just being around her. She’s just gone through one hell of a life changing event. And let me tell you, she’s beyond amazing.

A lot changes in two weeks. Fortunately, most of it doesn’t matter.

I’ll get caught up on podcast episodes. Or I won’t. I’ll R&R that squeaky brake pad. Or I’ll let it self-clearance. Something, something, insurance money and small claims. Whatever.

People matter.

And San Dimas High School Football’s got nothing on V.

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