Thank yous.

Despite wearing it on my sleeve quite a bite lately, there’s one card I’ve held close. V’s cancer came back. Six months after she completed treatment last time. Today, the most important person in my world is going back under the knife for one of those life-will-never-be-the-same-again surgeries.

Part of me hesitant to even mention this here. It’s not my fight.

If I’ve earned any kind of karmic healing energy from the universe, I want all of it directed at V.

You never think it will happen to you, let alone that it will happen again.

Life is short. It is precious. Everything you thought mattered can mean less than nothing in an instant.

I am, personally, happy and healthy—but I’ve coasted for far too long.

The buck stops with me.

Today’s daily update? Me going on the record: I am rising to the occasion.

I joke about spending the next month “playing doctor for all the wrong reasons”, but the reality is this—it’s time to step the funk up. It’s time to show V that I have no time for anything that isn’t moving the needle, making our life better, making the most of every minute.

You know why TGP is suddenly so real, so earnest, so on-funking-point this year? Here’s the secret sauce:

I want V to see that when you put it all out there, when you put it on the line and go all-in, there are still positive people out there who care about other people, who are willing to step up and do the hard work that is being vulnerable, courageous, and caring.

I am scared out of my funking mind right now, walking a tightrope where every other breeze is a reminder of mortality and the most horrific, gut-wrenching nightmares I have ever imagined.

I have no time for those thoughts.

So I’m rising to the occasion.

I’m chasing this dream and building this thing. And it’s going to be such an incredible source of positivity and optimism and love we’ll all be shitting rainbows and unicorns—and rainbow-shitting unicorns.

Thank you to everyone who has risen to the occasion in the last couple months. You have brought us comfort. You have brought us joy. You have brought us peace. You know who you are.

V, P, and I are in good hands right now. If you feel compelled to do some good in the world today in light of these words, I’d like to point you to an incredible organization worthy of your goodness.

Families Raising Hope

Dailies might be a bit sporadic—and raw—this week. Please bear with me.

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  1. God Bless, & Godspeed…

  2. Sending all my best to V today, mate – here’s to a successful surgery and ongoing life.

    • Thank you, Danny. You’re good people.

  3. Dude… You are much more inspiring than you give yourself credit for. Karma owes you bigtime AFAIC.

    We are with you – even those of us far away.

    • Thank you, Phil. Appreciate you being here.

      Karma is pretty cool. The universe is a giant math equation always seeking balance.

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