And the Winner is…

My bid by proxy was armed and ready.

Then… I waited. I waited almost all night. Auction houses don’t have a live camera, and even if you refresh your browser every 20 seconds (cough cough), you’re still not really sure if the winning bid is yours.

I finally found out in the late in the AM. (I guess my importer is allowed to sleep too, after being on the phone all night with Japan, working several deals at once?) In thirty seconds or so of frenetic bidding, my salvo ended up being successful. I was now the proud owner of Pajero Evolution number 581, built in the fall of 1997.

Glass half Empty?

It wound up being at the top of my budget (my newly revised/raised budget). It had more kilometres than I had been originally hoping for: 139,793kms, or just under 87k miles. It didn’t have the factory OZ wheels. And did I mention it was an auto?

Glass Half Full.

“581” did however, appear to be in good shape, and had recently passed a rigorous Japanese road inspection, called a Jidosha Kensa Torokuseido, or “Shaken” for short. But now I had to wait (again) for it to be shipped to my importer’s local contact in Tokyo, so I could really get an idea of what I had just captured. Not that it mattered at this point. For better or worse – it was MINE.

The auction house was in Hiroshima, to the far west and on the north shore. This put it about as far away from the Port of Yokohama as could be, so my wait would continue. And so does yours. 😉

Part 1: The Chase

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