It’s been a while.

I went in 2016 as part of the Adventurist Life launch effort.

And I was well on my way last year when Fezzik gave me a rather scary reminder of what happens when you overfill the transmission. (Lots of smoke, which is particularly scary with a week-old engine under the hood.)

This year, I’m going back. And I’m REALLY excited.

So much about this year’s Overland Expo West is exciting.

Having already spent a week in the 90s, I’m looking forward to one last dance with almost-freezing temperatures once the sun goes down. And it’s always cool seeing the variety of vehicles and gear people use to explore the world on wheels.

But it’s the people I’m most looking forward to seeing. Andy and Mercedes at the Warn Industries booth. Tim and Kelsey on the training course. I might even knock on Chris Cordes’ door and see about getting him on the podcast. Who knows.

In any case, I figure I’ll put my #antigram campaign on hold in order to share pictures and whatnot from the event. I doubt there will be any signal at camp, but I expect to be sharing some pictures on Saturday.

See you around.

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