I’ll be blunt.

From a conversation with someone who cares…

I want the super issue to make a little money, yes, but I really want it to inspire people to legitimately hustle—myself included. I want it to point to a private—affordable—community where people like us can see we’re not as isolated as we thought. Where we can help each other do the things we really want to do. Lose weight. Start a business. Build a race team. I want people paying $5-10-20/mo for access to this community, where they can get help with anything from starting a YouTube channel to writing the next American novel to changing a friggin’ lightbulb. Forums. Podcasts. Videos. You name it. Let’s build it. Let’s build it for the people who value it. And let’s help THEM build things too. Let’s build a marketplace for THEIR expertise and let THEM take home the bulk of the revenue. I’ve got a chef buddy. I’ve been wanting to do a simple video series with him on how to shop, prep, pack, and cook a gourmet meal for six at camp. Sell it on TGP for $100. He gets $80. TGP keeps $20 for design/build/hosting. What you wanna bet he wants to do another one 90 days later?

How do we combine a secret society with a car forum with LinkedIn with Gimlet with Udemy and make a small fortune helping others realize their dreams?

I can see all the pieces. And that’s my problem. I am constantly trying to stand up a shit-ton of scaffolding. This latest effort is my attempt at zeroing in and focusing on one thing. I’m going to treat it like a funking build thread. I’m going to build this super issue like it was a broke-dick DSM, out in the public domain. And the thought of seeing Jalopnik or TTAC announce their doing likewise before I have 1,000 subscribers on the list makes me want to spit up my guts and cry about it. 😛

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