I’m wingin’ it.

It’s pushing 11PM on a Thursday night. I’m out in the garage. And I somehow managed to schedule tonight’s podcast call for tomorrow—despite only scheduling it yesterday afternoon. My guest is a no-show. Who knows when we’ll be able to reconnect.

Bright Side: I have a couple more days to re-do the intro.

Finishing my second Pacifico, I decide to use the time to do a little more research on my guest. I feel like I should maybe be a bit more proactive with with my Instagrams lately. I dunno. Whatever. Anyway, I do a Google Image Search. I think he had a close up headshot wearing a race helmet.


He’s been on Cars Yeah and Do It For a Living.

I’d already been doing TGP for almost a year before I heard about either of those shows. To date, I’ve only listened to about 90 seconds of both of them combined—because I feel like I need plausible deniability that I’m not trying to copy them.

Both are well-established, full-time, auto industry players doing relatively polished podcasts about how regular gearheads like us chased their dreams and went mainstream.

They don’t call it work-life parallel—but they’re talking about work-life parallel.

With people who found it. With gearheads who found it.

Cars Yeah has over 1,200 episodes. Do It For a Living is pushing 150.

I have 31, #32 in the can, and just screwed up #33.

One of my dirty little secrets…

I see other people doing what I want to do and there’s a voice in my head telling me I’m a poseur and a fraud and I don’t stand a chance so sit the funk back down and shut up.

That’s not the sort of thing you’re supposed to say if you want people to think you’re the expert they should hire, is it.

So why am I saying it?

Because—with over 4 Billion people on the Internet these days—even if you have a one-in-100-Million idea, there’s a statistical chance four other people have the same idea. Three of them may have already started. Two of them might be better funded, better established—maybe even better looking than you.

But that doesn’t mean you give up.

And that’s why I’M not giving up.

This is my dream. This MATTERS.

There are people in my life who need my help and, damnit, I’m not letting them down.

So don’t let the thought of other people already doing YOUR thing stop you from getting yours.

The person who says it is impossible should never interrupt the person who is doing it.

Damn, this was a scary one.

Thanks, Todd.

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  1. “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” ~ Henry Ford

    There will always be others that lead, others that get first advantage, others that (seem) to be ahead.

    But not everyone knows of them, which is where you come in. And that’s your advantage. 🙂

    • Indeed. It can be hard to shake the idea we need to have thousands of people interested
      the reality is we can make a difference and matter to a handful almost immediately.

      Thankss for the reminder, Danny.

      PS: Soon as I find myself a nice scotch, I’ll be looking you up.

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