What a weekend!

Statistically speaking, I’m a little bit behind the ball with the feature interviews. We’re now a full week into April—25%—but I’ve only got two feature episodes recorded so far—20%.

Even so? WOW.

My conversation with Scott Thursday night was solid gold. And spending the better part of a day with Tim and Kelsey down in Tucson was—dare I say it—life-changing.

This super issue thing is going to be the best thing I’ve ever done online.

Not only did I meet kindred, local spirits—while they were briefly home from South America—I also got P out to a playdate with a new friend from school. Turns out V and I have a LOT in common with them.

Between all that, grocery shopping, and getting ready for the week ahead, I didn’t get around to the podcasts I wanted to publish.

What a weekend, though.

Got a good four podcast episodes coming very soon.

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