I’ve been emailing back and forth with Todd quite a bit lately. Much like the podcast, we’ve been talking about where we’ve been, where we’re going, and what it takes to get there.

And Todd friggin’ nailed it Monday when he said:

“If I cannot use [ what we’re building ] to better my own life, I shouldn’t expect anyone else to use [ it ].”

TGP is for people who get that.

If you’ve already connected the dots, you’re in the right place—but TGP is also for people who want to connect those dots and need a little help.

So, let’s get meta.

Imagine a build thread. Any build thread. What’s the OP doing?

Building something, right? A race car, a rock crawler—whatever. You’re stripping it down to the frame and putting everything back together as best you can. This is the easy part.

Why do we do it, though? To share our progress, right? But so what? Who cares?

Ah-ha. There it is. Who cares indeed.

TGP cares. We’re the people interested in what you’re trying to build—be it a car, a company, a cause. We want to be in the loop. We want to help you. We want to see you succeed.

You know what build threads are all about. The Gearhead Project IS a build thread, only instead of building better machines, we’re building better lives.

It only sounds corny until you get it.

Which brings me back to Todd’s comment. We’re figuring out how all the stuff we’ve done with cars helps us do more with our lives—so we can share those things with anyone else who’s serious about doing likewise.

If we can’t use what we’re building, we can’t expect you to use it either.

Life’s a build thread. Here’s to the people who care.

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