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Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Perfection is the enemy of done. We’ve all heard this one before—and yet we all tend to let labels dictate what is and could and should be, ya know?

I’ve told you about how I let “running a magazine” lead me down a path where nothing made sense and nothing I did ever seemed to be enough, resulting in a 10-year, character-building experience more than a business. (It’s around here somewhere.)

This podcast is a reminder that we can do just about anything we put out minds to doing. We don’t need permission. We don’t need to be the first person to do it. We just need to start doing it.

It’s easy to talk about our big ideas—but talk is cheap. We gotta show up and do the work if we want our dreams to come true. Unfortunately, our always-trying-to-conserve-energy-to-escape-predators lizard brains tell us that work is a waste of time because we aren’t the first ones with the idea or the only ones doing it.

The simple truth is doing it—starting small—builds momentum. It builds experience, which builds wisdom. We’ve all gotta start somewhere. Where are you going to start?

PS: The TGP forums open to beta testers at this weekend. We’ll be offering a 30-day free trial to everyone who joins over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Watch your email to make sure you don’t miss out!

Small is the new big

Don’t think you could ever be your own boss because nobody would ever want to buy whatever it is you could build or do or sell? You might want to think again.

Here’s a story about tiny, niche shops in New York City. How niche? One sells pencils. One sells rubber stamps. Another sells antique cash registers. And there’s a guy who fixes old Nintendo Gameboys.

In a world where big box retailers are closing stores because they can’t justify rent and labor costs, these are small businesses renting space in the heart of New York City—and they’re doing alright.

Kinda makes you wonder what you could do out of your garage—or from your kitchen table.

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