Say cheese!

I’m just super delighted to tell you TEN features have been confirmed for the super issue. We might have a baker’s dozen by the time we’re through. There’s a couple invites outstanding, but wow. This is gonna be great. I’m going to start introducing you to everyone here as I get pictures from them.

For now, if you’ll indulge my inner marketeer hype-beast, allow me to tease a bit. Here’s what they’re currently up to. You can guess who they are if you want—but I’m not confirming anything until I make the official announcements.


  • Finding a parking place somewhere in Peru
  • Designing high end drag racing equipment
  • Exploring Goonie territory on assignment
  • Running a pool repair business


  • Making decals while building solar-powered vehicles
  • Building a YouTube channel around a drift project
  • Publishing car- and truck-related stories
  • Selling hard-to-find, imported car parts
  • Selling practical off-road equipment
  • Running a hell of a neat podcast

Just goes to show—and assuming we play our cards right, WILL show—where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you can modify your machine, you can modify your life.

Gearheads always do.

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