Show up.

I’ve brought back these little dailies because I’ve got crazy big ideas for changing the lives of gearheads like us—and none of them will amount to anything if I don’t do three things.

  1. Share my vision.
  2. Show I’m building it.
  3. Sell it to others.

All of the above require words. Spoken words. Written words. Printed words.

That’s right. I said PRINTED. But we’ll get to that later.

20 years playing with cars has shown me there’s a special type of gearhead out there, somebody who’s learned the ropes, paid his* dues, and evolved beyond the usual, automotive consumer mindset. He still loves most things automotive—but he’s quickly losing interest in just buying more stuff.

For some, there’s another level. There’s something missing that no amount of shiny, new hotness fresh out the box can satisfy. Gearheads like this want—need—something more.

We still love the spirit of competition. We still size up the car in the next lane at the red light. Every time. We’re still all about bigger, better, faster, more—the podium still matters—but we’re finding that last one—more—is hard to put our fingers on.

Is it starting our own business? Is it accelerating our careers? Is it being recognized for some remarkable contribution to car culture? Maybe it’s Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money.

Or maybe it’s just finding that one thing that makes us happy more often than not. In any case, this is the challenge facing gearheads like us. This is what we do.

We might not know what to call it yet—I sure as hell don’t—but we’re getting there.

Life is a build thread. And nothing gets built if you don’t show up.

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