I had a dream.

Long story short, it was one of the most vivid, memorable dreams I’ve ever had. Like the one where I’m securing the spinnaker and shouting back to the helm asking V if she’s ready for another wild ride through a squall somewhere in the South Pacific.

This time, I was in an office.

I was in THE office. OUR office. MY office.

And it felt like an art classroom from back in elementary school.

Our team wasn’t very big—maybe only 8-10 of us—but we were all sat close together at wide, wooden tables over to one side. The walls were filled with brightly colored pictures; sketches, doodles, designs; posters, pictures, mock-ups.

It was dark and rainy outside. I’d just come in from the rain, myself, and taken a seat at the edge of the group. Taking a peek over my shoulder, I could see it was still gray and wet outside—and it only made the interior that much more welcoming and vibrant.

I paused for a moment to consider the scene. Everyone was simultaneously lost in whatever they were doing and helping each other out at the same time. They were all head-over-heels in love with what we were doing.

There was an energy in the room. An unmistakable energy I have never—ever—felt in reality.

Everyone was in sync, in perfect harmony. We loved everything about what we were doing.

We were going 100 miles an hour toward something that truly mattered.

Nothing was standing in our way. In an art classroom.

It has to start somewhere. It has to start sometime.

What better place than here.

What better time than now.

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