Write a letter.

How exciting would it be to get something in the mail—the SNAIL mail—that wasn’t either a bill from some luddite creditor or inescapable junk, er, standard mail?

Imagine flipping through the usual stack of lazy, planet killing garbage, thinking about how it’s such an archaic waste of time and wondering how any brand can remain in business willfully spamming entire neighborhoods against their will when you come across a real, actual hand-addressed envelope. And it’s not just another fake approved by the mouth-breathing choad at the local used car dealership. Or the annual birthday card from Grandpa.

Genuinely exciting, right?

I caught a podcast last winter where the guest mentioned a couple famous CEOs who wrote letters. One in particular was known for doing it daily. This particular guest said he used fancy paint pens to write them on thin sheets of metal.

Imagine sending someone a single, handwritten page they would be proud to frame and display in the office.

Imagine receiving such a thing, speaking to how the team you’ve built to make your dream happen means something even to a vendor.

Imagine going to the art supplies store and checking out the pens and paper with something in mind.

I am.

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