You know this.

You can’t be all things to all people.

Stop trying to reach all people with whatever it is you want to talk about.

Treat social like email.

Instead of saying, “Look at this thing I’ve made that keeps 4G63s from leaking oil”, consider saying something like, “Hey Bill, Chuck, Dale! You’re never going to worry about cracking the case ever again!”

I know. You probably can’t do this all the time with everything. But the big idea here is show the people who already support you they are your whole world.

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We used to say, “Visualize your ideal customers and always be talking to everyone else out there like them.”

Those are called “personas”. They’re assumptions made about the general population based on what you know about who already buys from you so you stand a better chance of resonating with others like them when you cross paths online.

Funk dat.

Drop the A.

Speak to persons. Real, actual persons.

Show them you appreciate them enough to understand them, their needs, their unspoken fears, their hopes and dreams.

Go through the personas exercises with specific people in mind—but then actually speak to those people, to support them, to serve them.

It’s practically magic.

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