Progress is progress.

  • Fixed the last sprinkler pipe
  • Fixed the pressure washer
  • Took the kid to a birthday party
  • Pressure washed the patio
  • Pressure washed the grime off Fezzik
  • Replaced the frayed seatbelt in Fezzik
  • Replaced two car seats with boosters
  • Two trips to Target
  • Grocery shopping

Part of me is butthurt I didn’t replace the transfer case shifter or rotate the tires like I wanted to. Accessing the transfer case shifter proved a 30 minute exercise in well-funk-dat, and I’m not going to break out the jack and stands to rotate 31” tires when my cordless impact battery is no longer taking a charge.

Progress is progress.

I could focus on the two things I didn’t get done—and easily slip into my usual woe-is-me, I-hate-this-shit mindset—or I could focus on what I accomplished.

I’m choosing accomplishment. I’ll let Discount rotate the tires and I’ll get around the tcase job when I need to get around to the tcase job.

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