Man on fire.

Have you ever felt like the world was passing you by? Just when you thought you had it all figured out, life threw you the great, recessionary curveball and struck you out?

Have you noticed how hot, hot, HOT the cannabis industry is these days? Ever wondered what it’s like to be in the right place at the right time with the right product and attitude?

You’re gonna want to meet Jason Hammel.

Jason believes in what he does for a living these days.

Why Jason Hammel?

He’s walked a mile in those shoes. Had himself a decent job and a growing family when the great recession came to town and put them on the ropes.

Here’s a guy who had to hustle. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. When life gives you lemons, you learn how to make lemonade real fast. Through copious amounts of grit and determination and hustle, Jason kept the lights on. He leaned hard on skills learned in the trades, using his hands and putting his back into the work to make ends meet.

One night, a little over a year ago, his wife came home and wanted to talk about a business opportunity she’d discovered in the cannabis industry. She thought they might make a fun way to make a few bucks on the side—they had a side hustle.

Get this. A little over a month ago, they quit their jobs to do the side hustle full-time.

It’s completely changed their lives.

That gearhead life

Now, I’m going to point out Jason is an affiliate in a multi-level-marketing (MLM) organization. Whatever you do—DO NOT immediately think “Amway pyramid scheme” and blow this one off—because doing that would be doing yourself one HELL of a disservice.

Jason took my call at midnight. On a Monday night.

We talked for three flippin’ hours.

This is a man on fire.

This is a dude who found his jam. He’s discovered a product he believes in, that he’s seen make a positive impact in the lives of family and friends. And he’s living a life of intent and meaning, spending his days selling something he genuinely believes in and has seen work first hand.

He’s got something he believes in so much he’s thrilled to share it with anyone—even if that conversation runs until 3AM Monday morning.

How does he do it?

Aside from a lot of coffee, that’s what we’re gonna find out.

It’s easy to lean on labels and stereotypes and turn a blind eye to things we don’t fully understand. That’s a great way to make sure you’re closed off from all kinds of opportunity.

If you want to know what finding your jam and being on fire for the live you live sounds like, THIS is one episode you do NOT want to miss. Jason’s enthusiasm is contagious. (If I wasn’t already covered on the CBD tip, I’d probably be disclosing that I was a customer.)

This is gonna be good.

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